Family Crest Signet Ring


A substantial antique signet ring that features the Ford family crest with the motto, "Omnium Rerum Vicissitudo" (all things are subject to change). This ring can be used to create a decorative seal when stamped in a sealing wax or other soft medium.

• 10K yellow gold
• Size 9 3/4 (sizing available)
• Weighs 9.3 grams
• Opal measures 10 mm L x 8 mm W

Interested in this beauty? Although it sold and may be one of a kind, we are always hunting and would be happy to find something similar for you! Send us an email to let us know exactly what you are interested in procuring.

"I LOVE my bracelet. It is exactly as pictured, only better. I'm wearing it tomorrow for the first time and hope I can stop looking at it long enough to do my work." - J.