Family Crest Signet Ring


A substantial antique signet ring that features the Ford family crest with the motto, "Omnium Rerum Vicissitudo" (all things are subject to change). This ring can be used to create a decorative seal when stamped in a sealing wax or other soft medium.

• 10K yellow gold
• Size 9 3/4 (sizing available)
• Weighs 9.3 grams
• Opal measures 10 mm L x 8 mm W

Interested in this beauty? Although it sold and may be one of a kind, we are always hunting and would be happy to find something similar for you! Send us an email to let us know exactly what you are interested in procuring.

"Alexa is a sweetheart. I had been eyeing a pair of antique diamond and pearl earrings since last summer. Lo and behold, my fiance presented them to me for Mother's Day. They are fabulous and I couldn't be happier. I've also sold a ring and got a very fair price. I love going into the jewelry store because there's always something new and interesting to drool over!" - Rene