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The History of the Wedding Band
Did you know that wedding bands have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians?  At that time the...  read more

Let's Talk Cameo Jewelry
Recently, a woman was in the shop and asked, "What is that carved pendant with the face of a lady...  read more

Tell Us About Gold-Filled Jewelry
At Donegal Jewelers, we are often asked, "What does 'gold-filled' and 'plated' jewelry mean? The terms gold-filled, plated, gold-plated and...  read more

Holiday Shopping
As we enter the holiday season, Donegal Jewelers wants you to know we have many ways for you to shop...  read more

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"My best friend and I found the rings of our dreams - luckily both of our husbands agreed! Unique jewelry, high quality at fantastic prices!" - Amy