Holiday Shopping

As we enter the holiday season, Donegal Jewelers wants you to know we have many ways for you to shop this year.  You can shop in-store or do curbside pickup.  You can look at our website or social media outlets and order online.  We will even deliver locally right to your front door!   

Alexa and her sales associates will be happy to help pick out a gift when you aren’t sure what to buy.  We have many unique new pieces to choose from as well as estate and antique jewelry. Our sterling line of Irish jewelry comes straight from Dublin Ireland and is very popular for gift giving! If you are looking for a sentimental gift why not take and older piece of jewelry handed down to you and remake it for someone you love.  It can be as simple as resizing a ring that was your mother’s and giving it to your daughter as a gift.   Is there an older pin you have that you’d like to remake as a pendant to give to a good friend?  Has your son always admired a ring his grandfather wore and now you have it in your possession.  A cleaning and polishing can make it look like new.  

If you are short on cash you can sell some of your old jewelry and buy something new at our store.  You may be very surprised by your buying power once we take a look at the jewelry you would like to sell!

And don’t forget to purchase a polishing cloth or one of our jewelry polishing kits . These items will help make your gemstones sparkle again and some even fit right into your pocket or purse! 

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"This locket is so beautiful and unique! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. Love the details on the back with the blue jewel. It's exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so much!" - Natalie