What would make someone decide to sell their jewelry?

Many people think that people only sell their jewelry when they are struggling financially and need to make some money. And therefore, buying jewelry is a good investment. It always has monetary value. But there are other reasons why someone might sell. 

Most people have a few pieces of jewelry that are broken or missing a stone or maybe only have one earring left from a pair of earrings. Bringing these pieces in to your local jeweler and getting a price on what they are worth will happily surprise you. Your jewelry has monetary value no matter how damaged it may be.  And there are also pieces of jewelry sitting in your jewelry box that are in perfect condition, but you never wear them. Styles change over time and they may not be the aesthetic you want any more. Some pieces may have been given to you as a gift and you never really liked them, so you never wore them. You can sell these various pieces too and put the money towards a new piece of jewelry you really love.

Located in Doylestown Borough for over 10 years, Donegal Jewelers is a locally-owned small business. During this time of the pandemic it is safer to do business at a small independent store instead of going into a large shopping mall or larger chain jewelry store. Donegal Jewelers has put in place safety protocol such as having only a limited number of customers in the store at a time and a mask wearing regulation as well as hand sanitizer available around the store. Any jewelry that is tried on in the store by a customer gets disinfected before being put back into the case, so it is ready and safe for the next customer to look at.

Donegal Jewelers does not require an appointment to sell jewelry so people can come in at any time during store hours with their jewelry. Alexa, the owner and head jeweler, will examine and evaluate your jewelry right in front of you while you wait. You are never pressured to sell, and the price given at that time will be honored even if you decide to sell it on a different day. Payment is made in cash.

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"Alexa is a sweetheart. I had been eyeing a pair of antique diamond and pearl earrings since last summer. Lo and behold, my fiance presented them to me for Mother's Day. They are fabulous and I couldn't be happier. I've also sold a ring and got a very fair price. I love going into the jewelry store because there's always something new and interesting to drool over!" - Rene