We Don't Just Buy the "Fancy" Stuff!

A customer recently came into the shop with questions about our process for purchasing jewelry items. She described several pieces that she was interested in selling - all sounded amazing!

The pieces she described included her grandmother's two carat pear shaped diamond set in platinum, a Colombian emerald and diamond cocktail ring and a pair of Tiffany & Co. gold heart stud earrings. I listened closely to what she was describing and let her know that she can stop in at any time to get a price on her items, there is no obligation to sell and that our offer would stand if she wanted to take time to think and come back at a later date. She thanked me and proceed to tell me that she had some other "everyday pieces" too that she wished to sell, but she didn't know where to take them. I asked her to describe the items further and I learned that she had a couple of small gold pendant necklaces and a few sterling silver jewelry pieces she wanted to sell, but she thought that we only purchased the "fancy stuff."

We do LOVE to purchase the "fancy stuff," but we purchase the everyday, run-of-the-mill jewelry pieces as well! I told her to bring those pieces in along with the "fancy stuff" and she can get a price on everything. She was pleased to hear this and happy that she didn't have to make several trips to sell her jewelry!

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"I just sold my sterling silver flatware set and I was amazed at how much money it was worth! The owner was able to separate out all of the silver plated items from the sterling silver pieces. Thank you!" - Todd